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Unbiased review of The Real-World Andrew Tate – A first person account

Sections in this post will bring out in lucid detail, all that you need to know about The Real-World Andrew Tate training. I bring to you a first-person account of The Real-World Andrew Tate training, highlighting points that you really need to know, while leaving out the fluff.

So, you are checking out Hustlers University and its latest avatar, to learn if it is indeed true, or just another scam, similar to the ones that seem to be cropping everywhere on a daily basis. I compiled this review, mainly to help those like me; as I did not find relevant information about the community. I wanted to help you, the reader, do away with the problems I faced, and get straight to the information that could be of any real use.

So, let’s begin with some context.

You probably heard about Hustlers University and you may not have had a clear picture of what it was all about. Or maybe, you do know something about Hustler’s University but you still need some inputs to confirm your gut feeling. So, here’s the low-down on Hustler’s University. You could call it one big global community that helped thousands of people make it big, or realize their dreams.

The digital era has created avenues for user generated content, and this has helped influencers like Andrew Tate bring fabulous ideas to people. While courses are aplenty in the digital world, where acquiring skills (in most areas) requires probably nothing more than a good device and an internet connection, and a reasonable fee. While this has certainly helped a lot of people earn big, there are gaps in everyone’s life. These are life skills, that can make, break or change careers and the way you live.

Getting around in life is definitely one of the toughest challenges, and this applies to all, including the most professionally trained or skilled resource. This makes life skills and the experience in getting through life, a huge factor in your success. Problem is, by the time you learn from experience it may be a bit too late in the rat race.

Well, Andrew Tate training offers you a way out.

You get the experience of one of the most successful and respected influencers, that can help you shape your life and put your career on steroids.

So, what’s it about The Matrix?

Well, there is a parallel. Every time a hand reaches out to hold you, obstacles seem to come out of nowhere and many gang up to disbar Andrew Tate from imparting critical skills. This is exactly why you will find that Andrew Tate disappeared from social media channels, after running a blitzkrieg and empowering the community.

Okay, so what is Hustler’s University all about?

The University is essentially a parallel world, a community that comprises educators and experts guiding individuals with skills to earn better in an extremely competitive world. Let’s introspect for a minute to see if he makes sense with the services on offer. The world is witnessing a spate of layoffs, and employees are now on the hunt for jobs, and with top rated talent looking for the same jobs, the competition only gets harder and tougher to crack. At Hustler’s University, Andrew Tate and his team of experts run online programs to the enrolled community.

The information in the courses is designed to help people quickly earn money, and enjoy the fruits of financial freedom. The lessons shared on the course are all about life, and how to maneuver oneself in a world that is highly competitive. The name of the game of survival is upskilling, and without a set of skills, it is almost impossible to be employed gainfully. The best option is to pick a course, and take tips from real people who made it big in difficult times.

The question here is, are the professors at Hustler’s good enough or competent enough to give tips? Yes, the answer is a huge Yes. Professors on Hustler’s are essentially legends in their own world, and have been hugely successfully in times that were not really the best or ideal periods. Here’s a little perspective. Incomes have seen a manifold increase in the recent past, and this is mainly because of a few sectors that drove up the pay scales. This luxury of high income was never existent decades ago, and individuals more or less had typically lesser income. To emerge as successful in that era is by itself a huge achievement and this makes the professors, competent enough to mentor and align students.

The second aspect that makes the professors the right choice to offer online training, is the manner in which each turned out to be successful. There are different paths to a goal, and it is important to pick a path that does not land the individual in a fresh set of problems. Every single person has his or her unique set of problems and it does not really pay to add another problem to the list. Andrew Tate University is a modern version of an aggregator, bringing together minds of highly successful individuals to impart training to the community.

When you get into Hustler’s you can be sure that with the right actions, you will achieve goals that you probably thought were not possible. To make the unthinkable possible is the catchall phrase that best describes the University.

So, is there any evaluation process or methodology to assess the instructors before they are cherry picked?

With a lot at stake, it definitely makes a lot more sense to have a formal process to check the abilities and capabilities of would-be instructors or educators. Andrew Tate has painstakingly built the team of educators by carefully cherry picking and assessing educators. For instance, potential expert candidates are screened only after they meet a basic criterion of having proof of earnings, that should be close to five hundred thousand a month. Candidates who also earn ten thousand a month are also a part of the screening, but only if there is demonstrated success in positions.

What kind of subjects are taught at Hustler’s?

It is essentially a long list but the main subjects of interest include stock analysis, and advanced options trading. Fine arts and creative abilities can be mastered and honed at Hustler’s with courses subjects such as Copywriting and Freelancing. Enrolled participants also receive training on financial planning, and crypto trading. The relatively new area of expertise, viz, DeFi is also a part of the training, apart from the proven sectors such as E-commerce and Business management. In addition to the above subjects, training at Hustler’s includes a lot more and details can be queried on the website.

Goldmine of courses – relevant in today’s digital era

From personal experience and from the opinion of actual students who enrolled in HU, I can safely and with complete confidence testify that the courses are a goldmine. The best part is the structure of the course and the educators who impart the training. The curriculum does away with the fluff, and you get what you essentially need. You also get the right amount of context to be able to grasp other related or cross-functional areas of expertise.  Sessions are instructor led, and are the finest examples of how some of the most successful people can share their knowledge and tips with others.

In many other traditional institutions, the tutors are well educated and possess high qualifications, and are certainly knowledgeable about their domains. However, this concept of armchair theory or armchair experts is not the most successful method of imparting training in digital era subjects. The knowledge that is shared needs to be put to use effectively and in a manner that will give desired results. This can be achieved better only when the educator or the instructor has real world knowledge or has used it himself or herself in a real-world situation. In other words, it means that an instructor who has actually worked and used that knowledge and achieved success is the better person in academics.

At Hustler’s University, the instructors share knowledge, and package it in a manner that works better. Individuals enrolling in the university get tips from experts who have used the tips to succeed, in addition to an impressive knowledge base that helps upskilling.

Is there a subscription fee involved?

Yes, truth be told, nothing comes free. There are many reasons to trust a paid service and to rely on a service that is offered with a reasonable fee. Every service that is offered in a digital format, involves expenses. A robust IT infrastructure is essential to be able to support the services, from bandwidth to accommodate more individuals at the same time, to a better user experience to safe and secure content. All of this costs quite a lot. Any service that is free is unlikely to be maintained with the same zeal, as a service that is charged. When the people behind the service rely on the money, the attempt is always to ensure that the quality of services are maintained. This is the same with The Real-World Andrew Tate. You get the best services, and can be sure of an exceptional user experience. You will not experience any latency or buffering. You will get to hear from actual experts, and you get to pick the minds of people who have been hugely successful.

So, you need to invest your time, and a reasonable amount to oil the mechanism that keeps this going. The costs are 49USD, monthly, for access to all the resources. This subscription means that the enrolled participant gets access to all the lessons and plans, like an unlimited version. The cost towards the subscription is equivalent to 8 Big Mac burgers. So, are you willing to spend a reasonable amount for what could effectively be a goldmine of knowledge. Are you willing to tap into a treasure trove that can actually change your life? You can earn a big fat income, if you have the skills, and the knowledge to be able to chart your success.

Is there a difference between Hustler’s University and TRW?

Well, the answer is both Yes and No. Let’s start with No first. TRW runs on architecture that does not depend on any other entity. This makes it a lot more dependable, and does not create opportunities for entities to yank the rug off the floor. The next part is the Yes. TRW is more of a progression of HU, and this makes the two, part of the same community, though unique in many ways. What’s more, students who enrolled in HU with active subscriptions, get access to TRW without the need for a separate fee. This is probably the enticing part of the subscription: enroll for HRC and get access to TRW absolutely free.

Here’s the million-dollar question – who is Andrew Tate?

If this question has crossed your mind at any time, then this is all the more a reason to sign up for a course. Because, it means that your knowledge of day-to-day happenings are not up to speed. This could also mean that you definitely need to be more context aware and in the thick of things. So, here’s a little background info about Andrew Tate.

Cobra Tate to those who have followed him, Emory Andrew Tate III, the founder of The Real-World Andrew Tate is an acclaimed former professional kickboxer. He is American-British, and after a very successful career in professional kickboxing, has taken to social media and is now a powerful voice as an influencer. His podcasts are widely followed over the globe. His sibling Tristan Tate is another famous social media influencer, and the two of them grew up north of London.

The siblings initially ventured into the business of webcams, and flourished at it, raking in the moolah. The venture reportedly fetched the two of them millions over the years. The duo actually created a bridge where men would chat with women on camera. While it is not the best or the most ideal way to make money, the siblings justified the venture, as it was actually an informed decision that adults made when getting on the chatroom. No one was coerced or enticed or wrongly influenced to be a part of the chats. Every one voluntarily entered the chat room to have fun.

Champion fighter

Andrew Tate is an acclaimed, campion fighter and winner of multiple titles. He took part in around 19 different fights in Europe and has an exceptional record, having won seventeen out of it. His tenacity and grit can be seen in the manner in which he won a rematch to earn a title that he has earlier lost to his opponent. This quality speaks a lot about the determination and the will to succeed. It is this quality that formed the basis of the various courses to help individuals crack something difficult and challenging to succeed. He has to his credit many noteworthy wins, including many knock outs, including one first round knockout of his opponent.

Burned by fire with Big Brother reality show

Andrew Tate also had a stint at the reality show, Big Brother, and eventually exited from the show due to what he still calls a creation of the media. He was voted out of the show when a video purportedly showing him belting a woman contestant made the rounds. While the woman in the video in a later post clarified that the use of the belt was in jest and not intended to seriously hurt, it was too late. The video that had the audio muted ensured that the audience did not hear the laughter of the woman as the two of them used the belt playfully. However, the damage was done and there was very little that could be done to counter the barrage of negative comments that resulted in him being voted out of the show.

How did the webcam business owners turn into founders of Hustlers?

The webcam business was actually the beginning and Andrew Tate’s brother then went on to become a content creator. He also started online courses that were designed to help individuals achieve success. The essence of the course was to help participants create wealth, faster, easily. This slowly went on to become the Hustler University as we now know it.

The rise of Andrew Tate on the other hand is being attributed to the Tik Tok videos and other content that he shared on social media platforms. This hooked the young generation with the viral content, and he gathered a huge following on different social media channels.

Cancel culture and the impact on Andrew Tate

Sometimes, good times don’t last forever on social media. Apparently, Andrew Tate had a love hate relationship with social media, as he was at times celebrated, only to be pulled down later. His posts that were becoming hugely popular, sometimes turned controversial due to the wrong reasons. At the height of the Me-Too movement, Andrew Tate’s opinions did not seem to go down well with a section of people. This led to an increasing clamor for his ouster from social media. His comments about sexual harassment, and the role of victims in sexual harassment did not find takers among all. The rest is history. He was taken off air, and lost the medium to communicate. He has often been labelled as a misogynistic person, and that has got to do with some of his comments.

Additionally, his identity as a Trump supporter is also known to paint him in a particular manner and this is also one of the reasons for the cancel parade to go after him with all guns blazing. Many other individuals and famous people have gotten away with more serious and particularly distasteful comments. Some of his other comments that got him into trouble, were his opinions on depression. He reportedly stated that depression was not actually an ailment, and this seemed to rub people the wrong way. The bad boy image of Andrew Tate on social media, added to the outcry, and ended up with suspension of Twitter accounts.

Brush with the law

That’s not all. Andrew Tate also had a brush with the law when in Romania. His tweets got him into a spot, and his house was raided, and an investigation ensued. This was regarding the presence of two women at the house he stayed. There were allegations that Andrew and his brother were involved in something shady, and the duo were questioned by authorities. The authorities later clarified that no one was arrested in the case, while only stating that the circumstances were being investigated. It is therefore too early to mention anything about the Romania affair, and it would be unfair to put in anything either in support or against Andrew Tate. Till a detailed account of it is shared by the authorities, anything and everything that comes on social media ad news outlets can be safely assumed to be hearsay. Many may also let their imagination work overtime to come with scandalous stories and possible half-truths.

To the point. Are the ventures of Andrew Tate legitimate?

With a whole lot of negative comments and background, the question that may cross everyone’s mid is this – Is Andrew Tate legit? Can he be trusted or is his venture reliable? Here is a simple logic that will hopefully end the illogical conclusions about reliability of an individual. No man is perfect. No woman is perfect. No one is perfect. Everyone has flaws, some are highlighted, and come to be known, while some are successful in keeping it in the dark and under wraps. The problem with people who are always sin the glare of social media, is that every single moment and movement of their lives are analyzed in great detail, by a lot of people. And very often, wrong conclusions are drawn about the person.

The manner in which a narrative is spun can effectively spell the demise of character of a person. It is very easy to erase between the lines and demonize a person. Agreed, certain comments and actions may not be the best and need to be condemned. But there is a clear line between personal life and professional abilities and it is very important to draw this distinction. Andrew Tate is successful, period. There is nothing more to say about his success, both in his area of expertise and as an entrepreneur. His personal opinions are another side and do not necessarily have an impact on how he achieves his success. Moreover, the jury is till out on his actions, and there is nothing conclusive about his adverse image.

From the point of view of an individual who wishes to learn something, then my point is quite simple, Andrew Tate is legit, and Hustlers University did help a lot of people make it big. There were no claims that it was a free service, and there was nothing misleading. To put it quite simply – what you see is what you get – is the basic premise of the offering. The people behind Hustlers are genuine, the instructors are real people, the offerings are true, the rates are reasonable, and the outcomes are proven. Nothing more is required to justify or support Hustlers. I look at it this way – what can I learn from Hustlers? How can I benefit from the courses? How can I acquire knowledge that is good enough to help me earn faster, and more? These are the questions that were at the back of mind when I looked at the offerings. And I do not regret my decision, as I picked up skills, and I can see the difference it has made to my earnings.

Andrew Tate and Hustlers are as genuine as genuine can be.

Is it a pyramid scheme or a fancy twist to MLM?

Scams are as old as civilized mankind. Some of the longest running scams in history are MLM and pyramid schemes that are very cleverly disguised as genuine business offerings. The Real-World Andrew Tate is not a pyramid scheme or MLM designed to hook people. You are not promised money when others join. You are quite simply given a membership that gives you access to courses. You will earn when you use those skills. Any pyramid scheme or MLM entices an individual to get as many people as possible join, and are promised a percentage that keeps adding as the person goes up the ladder. With The Real-World Andrew Tate, there are no claims that are similar to this. It is a straightforward membership to access services.

Let’s draw a parallel. If you have used the cloud or any tools in the past, you are likely to have taken out a subscription for the services. You may have paid a monthly fee to access the cloud, or you may have paid a fee to access premium services of YouTube or Spotify. Well, The Real-World Andrew Tate is quite simply the same. You pay a monthly subscription fee and you get access to services.

Is the content unique?  Is the same content not available elsewhere, at lower costs?

The answer to this question needs to be read in the right context, and by taking in to account all the details.

Yes, the content is available elsewhere BUT in a different format, and without the other inputs that make it more worthwhile. For instance, you may find similar content elsewhere, but you will not get the contextual information or extremely important tips along with the content. You will not know of the value or importance of when, where and how to use the information. It is this contextual information that makes the content priceless. It is precisely these inputs that make the content rich and a lot more informative and useful.

Now let’s look at the costs. There are sites and communities where you may find content that is priced lower. That is entirely true. But do you know where to find it? Do you have the ability to be able to distinguish between factually correct information and incorrect material? Do you have the time to spend looking for material? You will find lower priced content and resources, but you will not find everything in one place. This essentially means that you will have to spend a lot of time looking for content in multiple places to be able to compile and collate something that is useful. 

Your time is money, and that is where The Real-World Andrew Tate makes a huge impact by actually helping you save a lot of money (in the form of time). Here is an analogy. You can paint your house yourself. All you need is the material and the knowhow. You can purchase the material from the market, and through instructional videos and trial and error complete the task. However, you may end up spending a lot of time trying to purchase the right material from the right place, and also acquiring knowledge to perform the task. This essentially means that you have spent your time to do something that may not be repeated again, at least for some time. So effectively, you have invested your time in an effort that is not your area of work. You have taken time off from your core expertise to learn something, and do some cost cutting. However, you have actually lost valuable time, that could have been put to use in your area of work, and you could have actually earned more than what you saved.

This is where The Real-World Andrew Tate makes a huge difference. You get different courses, all in one place. While you may be spending a little more, you are actually saving your time and putting it to good use, which will, in turn help you make more that you saved.

I hope this clears the whole foggy idea about trying to look at cheaper alternatives that do not add value in any way.